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we're not "Gother than thou", just prettier

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This community is for the goth scene in Connecticut. Anyone with interest can join, but the moderator will need to "ok" you before you can post. If you don't hear from the moderator quick enough drop her an e-mail through the yahoo group, or leave a note in her personal journal.

Post anything that relates to the CT goth scene, or other local events, or personal musings. This can be interpreted broadly, but if you are mean to other members of the community katrionastar will beat you over the head with an ugly stick and throw you out on your arse.
It's my sandbox, I run it, so PLAY NICE! *bows*

Club Nights for those who are looking for trouble:

BOUND - Closed

FLUX - Every Wednesday night from 9pm -1am in New Haven, CT (18+)
Website - http://www.flux-gotham.com

Cadaver by the Green - Closed